Caving has been enjoyed by WCMS since our formation in 1967, visiting not just the main UK caving regions but also other more obscure locations. Caving is quite a niche activity! Every time you explore somewhere underground, you definitely feel like you are doing something very unusual. It can be very addictive, and why this should be is a very difficult question to answer! Perhaps the only way to discover the answer is to try it yourself.

Somewhere under Somerset.

It has always been an important element of our activities to be reasonably proficient and safe cavers, whether we spend all our time in sporty limestone caves, or simply prefer looking around tunnels and old mines. For all but three years of our existence we have had exclusive use of accommodation in a caving region. Initially this was in Somerset, where our older members will have forged great memories of excellent caving trips and have made many new friends. Now we occupy a large 19th century cottage in South Wales, where one of Britain’s longest and deepest caves is literally beneath our feet, and which, quite naturally, has become one of our regular haunts.

High in the Hills.